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    Automated betting on selections from Proform systems

    V3 version of Bf Bot Manager allows users of Proform Racing software to fully automate betting on selections from their Proform systems. This functionality is available in all three bot versions, BF Bot Manager for Betfair, BQ Bot Manager for Betdaq and MB Bot Manager Matchbook betting exchanges!

    Basic setup

    Here are the basic steps that you need to do to set automated betting on Proform selections with level stakes:

    1. install Bf Bot Manager on same computer as Proform Racing software
    2. start Bf Bot Manager and open "BOTS/STRATEGIES->Manage tips->Proform auto import settings" form
    3. tick option to automatically import Proform selections, tick checkbox for market type for which your tips are and click "Save and load tips now" button to test connection to your Proform software. Those basic settings will import selections from Proform database and display them at Manage tips form. 
    4. use "Auto load" settings at "EVENTS & MARKETS" tab to load markets for your tips. This is explained in detail in auto load markets article and auto load of markets video tutorial
    5. final step is to set your stake at example strategy "EXAMPLE - Bet on all imported tips" and to start this example strategy. After that this strategy will bet on all imported tips few minutes before each race official start time

    That is very basic setup that can be done within a minute or two and that will bet on all imported selections with same level stake that you have set. You can test it in simulation mode to ensure that you have set everything correctly.

    Advanced setup

    In your Proform software you could have several systems and thousands of selections, but you might want to bet only on some of them and to use different market and bet type for those systems. By using advanced import options you can import tips only from systems that you specify and for each system you can set market and bet type separately. To do this just tick option "Import tips only for following systems" and then enter system names and set options as you like.

    Bf Bot Manager also allows you to have separate strategy for each Proform system.

    To create strategy for specific Proform system you should stop example strategy "EXAMPLE - Bet on all imported tips" and you should not use it at same time when using strategies that bet on tips from specific system. Only one bet can be placed per imported tip, so if you use strategy that bets on all imported tips then your strategies that are set to bet only on tips from specific system will be unable to bet as bets might already be placed on their tips. 

    First we will duplicate "EXAMPLE - Bet on all imported tips" strategy and then modify it to bet on tips from specific Proform system. Use "Select" checkbox column at left side of strategy name to select only this strategy (use "Deselect all strategies" button to deselect all strategies first) and then use "Duplicate selected" menu button to create duplicate of this example. Then modify this strategy by editing its "Staking->Bet on imported tips" rule and set your Proform system name. 

    You can use CSV (Comma Separated Values) list of Proform system names if you wish strategy to bet on more than one system. You can also change strategy name by clicking on "Edit" button at strategy column "Edit". 

    At screenshot we can see that we created two strategies, those are:

    • "Bet on tips from System A and System B" strategy that will bet on tips from Proform systems "System A" and "System B"
    • "Bet on tips from System C" strategy that will bet on tips from Proform system "System C"

    Version of those two example strategies for Bf Bot Manager V3 for Betfair can be downloaded here. Those examples have some safety rules, like min/max price range of 1.01 - 20.0, back/lay ratio of 15% etc. If you are betting on tips with high odds then you should adjust those settings too!

    Notice that description text for "Bet on imported selections/tips" rule has CSV text of those Proform systems, that is the main rule that decides at which tips strategy will bet. System names must be identical to Proform system names and they must not contain comma character as comma is used as separator in this CSV list. 

    Once strategies are set they can be left working 24/7 automatically. They will keep reloading new tips from Proform database, keep reloading markets by your auto load settings and keep betting on imported tips just before event start times. 

    If you plan on running bot 24/7 then it is best that you use VPS server for that. Virtual private servers that we recommend are explained in VPS article.

    All this functionality can be tested in simulation mode without risking any real money. You should use simulation mode to check your settings and to learn how software works. 

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