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    Software says that my license is Invalid?

    If you are getting message that your license key is Invalid then please try following:

    1. Make sure you are running right version of software. V2 version license key will not work with V3 version bot. Also license key for V2 bot for Betfair will not work with V2 bot for Betdaq. Each software version requires different license key
    2. Use Copy & Paste to enter your license key, do not type it in manually as you might mistype some characters e.g. O and 0 or I and l etc.
    3. Install latest version of software for which your license key is. If your license is for V3 version then install latest V3 version. Then try again.
    4. Check that bot is able to access internet and that firewall, anti virus or some other security software at your computer is not blocking it from accessing our and Betfair servers
    5. Try installing bot on another computer with different internet connection and see if license key works there


    If nothing of above does not help then please contact us and send us screenshots of license key that you entered to license form. Also please include screenshot of error message that you are receiving and we will do our best to help you.

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