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    Football live scores, match information and statistics

    From version 3.1.12 bot will automatically get live scores, match information and historical results from our server that gets data from third party service. This means that all users of v3.1.12 or higher version will automatically have this information in their bots when they load football markets! This information also includes in play statistics.

    Below are listed all solutions that bot has for getting football live scores and other information.

    Data provided by third party service

    This solution is available for all three versions of our software (Betfair, Betdaq and Matchbook). Data is delivered to bots from our servers but it is provided by third party service to which we have subscription. 

    Provided data includes following information

    • live scores
    • in play live statistics
    • time information
    • weather reports (weather, temperature and wind speed)
    • team previous results
    • pitch condition
    • team formation
    • team table position

    This information is automatically downloaded every 30 seconds and displayed at main markets grid view. Information is downloaded only if football events are loaded to markets grid view. This information is used by football rules listed at "Market conditions" strategy tab.

    If you do not wish to download and use this information then you can turn this off at "Tools&Settings->General settings->Results" form by unticking option "Use football live score and other match information provided by third party service". 

    Live scores determined by using Correct Score market prices

    This solution is available in Betfair and Betdaq versions of our software and it requires that you auto load Correct Score markets, that those markets are available for betting during in play and that they have valid offer. Then by using prices at Correct Score market bot will try to determine current score automatically. Once you auto load Correct Score markets bot will automatically try to determine current score by using available prices, so there is nothing else that you need to do to make this work. Obviously this is not 100% reliable solution as it will not work for markets with bad or none offer at Correct Score markets. By default this functionality is turned off as more reliable solution (see above) is available since version 3.1.12.

    Live scores and in play statistics by Inplaytrading service

    Bot is able to get live scores and all other in play statistics from third party service called Inplaytrading. This is not a free service, it is subscription based and its subscription is not included in bot price. If you decide to subscribe to this third party service then make sure you contact them and ask them to allow two logins for your account, one for the bot and one for you using their service in browser. Beside live scores Inplaytrading service also provides shots on/off target, corners, red/yellow cards, match minute, number of penalties/attacks/offsides etc. All those in play statistics can be used by bot and set as rules/conditions that must be satisfied before bot is allowed to place bets.

    Current score that bot has can be viewed in MARKETS grid view by using "Score" column. Optionally you can use "HT Score" column to see which score was at half time. Those columns might not be displayed by default, to add them to screen right click on column header, then in popup menu click "Column chooser" menu item and in new form double click on those columns to add them to MARKETS grid view.

    If you are using Inplaytrading service then you can also click on button in "IPT" column and this will open new form that displays detailed in play statistics for that match.

    If you decide to use all three solutions to get live scores, then bot will use scores in following order:

    1. score provided by Inplaytrading
    2. score provided by our third party service if Inplaytrading does not have score for that match
    3. score determined by using correct score market prices if Inplaytrading and our third party service does not have score for that match

    For more details please read the manual

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