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    Automated betting on selections from Betaminic big data strategies

    The V3 version of Bf Bot Manager allows users of to fully automate betting on selections from their Betaminic systems. This functionality is available for BF Bot Manager for Betfair betting exchanges.

    Betaminic offers a free online tool for backtesting football statistics and historical bookmaker odds. You may analyse past data of over 140,000 matches since 2012! Betaminic’s tool, the Betamin Builder, allows you to find those value trends. You can research your own or follow existing strategies that have been publicly shared. You can backtest and create new strategies for FREE by applying smart filters. Take advantage of Big Data in Sports Betting! You can also see real strategies shared by Betaminic users with excellent results. 

    You can link your Betaminic account to your Bf Bot Manager software to enable automatic betting on picks from Betaminic strategies that you choose to follow.You can then use staking plans and other add-on in-play trading Bf Bot Manager strategies to leverage even more value out of these historically profitable trends.

    You can sign up for free and see for yourself.

    If you are interested in automating the picks of Betaminic strategies, please contact Betaminic support, and they will tell you in detail about the process.

    Access to the football data, historical bookmaker odds, viewing existing strategies, manipulating the data, creating and saving strategies are all free.Only the receiving of future picks from strategies requires a subscription.

    Basic setup

    Here are the basic steps that you need to do to set automated betting on Betaminic selections with level stakes:

    1. Start the Bf Bot Manager and open the "STRATEGIES->Manage tips->Betaminic auto import settings" form.

    2. Tick checkbox “Automatically import tips from your Betaminic account” and enter your unique Betaminic Pick URL from the BF Bot Manager tab in the Betamin Builder. Please copy and paste this Betaminic Pick URL into the "Strategies" tab-->"Manage Tips" form --> "Betaminic auto import settings" form of your BF Bot Manager software.

    Next option is the interval to check for new tips. This tells the bot how often to download tips from Betaminic website. There is a limit of one request per minute imposed by Betaminic, as high refresh rate is not required here at the moment. In most cases default value of 5 minutes should work well.

    To test your settings, you can click “Download tips now” button, but please notice that if you click this button twice within same minute that you might get blocked by Betaminic server. In that case just wait 60 seconds and then try again.

    Bf Bot Manager V3 will automatically attempt to load Betfair markets for imported tips! This might take a while, from few seconds to minute or two, depending on the number of your tips. But this also means that you do NOT need to set any auto load settings for loading Betfair markets. Betfair markets will be loaded automatically by bot once tips are imported. This will make bot much faster as only required markets for imported tips will be loaded.

    Once tips and markets are loaded then you can start creating strategies that will bet on imported tips.

    3. In the strategies tab of the bot. Find the “EXAMPLE – Bet on all imported tips” strategy. Click on the toggle view button on the far left to open up its settings.

    Select the “Staking” tab of that strategy. Click on the arrow in the middle of the “Level/Initial stake” rule. The default stake is £2. You can change this to your preferred staking level.

    When you are happy with your settings, you can start the strategy! Make sure you run it in simulation mode until you are confident that everything is working like you want it to and that you understand how all settings work.

    If you have any questions about using Betaminic strategies with the Bf Bot Manager software, please contact Betaminic support

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