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    Main STEAMERS/DRIFTERS tab displays recorded minimum and maximum back, lay and last matched price. Those recorded prices are compared with available market price at time of bet to determine price change. 

    By default, general prices are displayed that were recorded by using all prices data that was downloaded by bot.

    At the top menu you can use "Select strategy" menu item to display prices recorded by specific strategy.

    Each strategy is recording its own minimum/maximum prices too, by using rules available at "Edit->Recording prices" form. Those settings allow you to set time when to start and when to stop recording min/max prices for each strategy individually.

    Make sure that you also update your "Tools&Settings->Monitoring markets" settings to start monitoring markets on time, otherwise bot will be unable to record prices as there will be no prices to record. Bot must be set to start monitoring market sooner than it is set to start recording prices in any of your strategies. 

    After adjusting those settings by your needs bot will have minimum and maximum prices recorded at specific time period. Then you can use "Selection conditions->Price change - steamers/drifters" rule to allow your strategy to bet only on selections whose selected price changed by X ticks or percents. This rule can use either general recorded minimum/maximum prices or it can use minimum/maximum prices recorded by that strategy recording prices settings. 


    Minimum recorded Back price 5.0

    Maximum recorded Back price 8.0

    Available Back price at time of bet 6.0

    If we are betting on drifters then this runner price has increased by +25%, from price 5.0 to price 6.0. 

    If we are betting on steamers then this runner price has decreased by -28.58%, from price 8.0 to price 6.0. 

    Prices are adjusted by -1 so that price change downward gives valid price of 1.0 instead of zero value:

    5.0 + (5.0 - 1.0) * 25% = 5.0 + 4 * 25% = 5.0 + 1.0 = 6.0

    8.0 -(8.0 - 1.0) * 28.58% = 8.0 - 7.0 * 28.58% = 8.0 - 2.0 = 6.0

    Please note, that you also need to set bet type in your strategy by using one of bet type rules when creating new strategy to bet on selections whose price changed.

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