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    Twitter integration

    If you have a Twitter account then you might want to publish information about placed bets automatically, allowing you and your followers to get notified whenever bot places bet.

    At "Tools&Settings->General settings->Twitter integration" form you can authorize bot to access your Twitter account and to publish tweets about placed bets automatically. If you are doing this for the first time then we strongly recommend that you tick option not to publish tweets and instead to write them to log file. This will allow you to check format and text of your tweets before they are published live at your Twitter account. Once everything is ok and you are ready to start publishing tweets then turn off this option.

    Here is a tweet example from JuiceStorm, their bot is publishing new tweet whenever it starts new trade.

    Giving authorization is just first step in this process, you still need to tell the bot for which strategies to publish tweets. This is done by using "Safety rules->Tweet placed bets" rule. Bot will publish tweets only for strategies to which this rule is added and when bot is authorized to access your Twitter account.

    Below is screenshot of "Tweet placed bets" rule and of its settings. You can adjust text as you like, but be careful not to exceed tweet size as available placeholders will be replaced with live data that could increase tweet size!

    Tweets are only published in real mode! It is not possible to tweet automatically about simulated bets!

    At any time you can revoke bot access to your Twitter account at by opening "Settings->Account->Apps and session" page. Also you can remove your details from bot at "Tools&Settings->General settings->Twitter integration" page. If you remove details or revoke bot access then bot will no longer be able to publish any tweets at your account or access your Twitter account.

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