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    Loss recovery is not working

    Overall loss recovery rule is designed to recover all strategy losses by increasing bet size after a loss. There are cases when loss recovery is not increasing bet size to recover loss and this can happen due to several reasons. We will explain common causes to this.

    Reasons why loss recovery might not be added to your bet size:

    • If previous bets are not settled at time of placing new bets then loss recovery will not be added to bet sizes as result of last placed bets is unknown. In this case you should add "Market conditions->Unsettled markets" rule to your strategy and set it to allow only 1 unsettled market, that way next bet will only be placed when all previous bets are settled. You should use this rule whenever you are using staking plan or sequence that needs to execute in exact order.
    • Minimum ROI (Return On Investment) setting might be set too high. Default value is 50% and this will prevent loss recovery from risking high amount of money when trying to recover small loss. If you are Backing more than one selection per market then ROI can be very low. For more details on ROI please see ROI article. 
    • If you are backing more than one runner at Place market, then loss recovery might not work at all as it is using dutching logic to calculate stakes so that it wins target profit. As Place markets have more than one winner odds will be very low so it might not be possible to win target profit at such low odds if one of runners wins. Generally you should not use loss recovery if you backing more than one runner at place markets as it will result in huge recovery stakes as odds are very low
    • Order of rules at Staking tab is very important. Overall loss recovery should always be at last position, so that it executes last. If you are using "Min/max number of qualified selections" rule then make sure that this rule is executed before loss recovery rule. You can use up/down arrows to move those rules and they should always be in order displayed at image below

    Loss recovery can quickly increase your stakes to high values if you get losing run so please be careful when you decide to use it and make sure you test it in simulation mode to ensure it works exactly like you want it to.

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