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    Bet on any selections that satisfies my rules

    There are many situations where you do not know at which selection you want to bet on, but you do know that that selection must satisfy your specific rules. For example, you want to bet on horses that are course or distance winners, that is horses that have won at race course or at race distance. In such situation you would use selection conditions "Default bet type" rule in combination with other selection conditions that will filter horses by your rules so that only horses that satisfy all your rules are left for betting.

    When using "Default bet type" rule it is important that you understand that this rule will set bet type (Back or Lay) on all selections and this will allow strategy to bet on all selections at market. This means that you must use other filtering rules that will filter selections and prevent betting on them if they do not satisfy your rules. 

    Here is an example, lets say that we want to bet on horses that:

    • are course or distance winners
    • are in price range of 3.0 - 20.0
    • finished last race in one of first three positions

    Obviously there can be more than one horse that satisfy this criteria but there can also be none horses that satisfy all those rules. To bet on all horses that satisfy those rules we would use following selection conditions:

    • Default bet type - to bet Back/Lay bet type for all horses
    • Racing - Filter horses by (BF), (C), (D), (CD) - set it to allow betting on (C), (D) and (CD) horses
    • Min/max selection price - set it to check "Any runner" Back/Lay price for price range of 3.0 - 20.0
    • Filter horses by detailed information - set it to allow betting on horses whose FORM ends with "1, 2, 3", which means that horse finished in one of first three places in last race

    Here is screenshot of those rules.

    Those rules are not very strict and it is possible that all runners satisfy all rules and that bets get placed on all of them. Because of this it is important to be very careful when using "Default bet type" rule and to test your settings in simulation mode before using real mode.

    If you want to bet only on highest or lowest priced horse from the ones that satisfy your rules then you could add rule "Selection by highest/lowest price" and move it to last place so that it executes last when only horses that satisfy all other rules are left for betting. Like on screenshot below:

    Now we know that strategy will be able to place one bet at a time, that is on highest priced selection that satisfies our rules. But what will happen if prices change and our selection is no longer highest priced selection? In that case another bet would be placed on some other runner that satisfies all the rules. To prevent that you would also need to edit strategy details and set maximum number of bets per market to 1. Here is screenshot of those settings as well.

    Now all left to do with your strategy is to add standard market conditions that will allow it to bet on horse racing WIN markets, set time to bet, stake and try out strategy in simulation mode.

    We showed how initial settings can allow betting on all runners that satisfy our rules and then we made it more strict so that it only bets on one runner with highest price that satisfies all our rules. You can make any combination of rules you like, but make sure you always test your settings in simulation mode.

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