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    Bet on manually picked selections

    To make strategy bet only on selections that you manually select you should use "My S." (My Selections) column that is displayed at left side of selection name. Once you select your selections then you can export them as tips or set strategy to bet on those selections. Exporting selections as tips is useful when you have more than one strategy that should bet on different sets of your own selections. But if you have only one set of selections and one strategy betting on them then there is no need to use export functionality.

    V3 comes with example strategy that is already set to bet on selections that you picked by using "My S." column. All you need to do is pick your selections, set strategy price range, stake and other settings, and then start that strategy. At image below you can see that we selected "Indian Reel" and "Stuccodor" as our selections and that they are displayed at main grid in column "My selections". In this case we did not use any other columns that allow us to set price, stake, price range and bet type specifically for that selection. We only picked selections by using checkbox in column "My S.", all other values are default values and same for all selections (except My Price that defaults to Back price as we have not set our price). 

    Using other columns to set more details for your selections is optional, as those other details can be set by strategy that will place bets. Default values for those other columns are set by editing "Manual bets" strategy. Below image shows that we set our own price range of 1.01 - 2.00 and stake of £25.0 for Stuccodor runner and price range of 12.0 - 30.0 and stake £5.0 for Iniesta runner. Those custom details will only be used if in our strategy we tick options to use our manually set price range (Min/max selection price rule) and stake (Level/initial stake rule).

    Strategy that will bet on your tips can have its own rules that will check min/max price range, set bet type, price and stake at which bets will be placed on your selections. But if you want you can set different price range, stake, price and bet type for each selection by using those columns at selections grid view.  

    If you decide to set different details for each selection then make sure that in strategy that will bet on those selections you also tick options to use manually set price range (Min/max selection price rule), stake (Level/initial stake rule), price (Default price rule) etc.

    Selections grid view also contains button columns for Back and Lay that allow you to place bet immediately at set stake and price. This is usually used when you want to prepare your bets, monitor market during or before in play and then to place bet quickly at your preset values.

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