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    Bet on runner by (index) position

    Football, hockey, basketball and similar events always have the same selections at same index positions at most of their markets. For greyhound races runners are listed from trap 1 to trap 6 (or trap 8). This allows us to easily set strategy to bet on specific selection at our target market. 

    To better understand runner by (index) positions here are few examples:

    • Football - at Match odds markets home team is always at position 1 (Swansea), away team is at position 2 (Arsenal) and The Draw is at position 3

    • Football - at Over/under 2.5 goals markets under 2.5 goals selection is always at position 1 and over 2.5 goals selection is always at position 2. This is same for all Over/under X goals markets, as first selection is under X goals and second selection is over X goals selection

    • Football - at Correct score markets score 0 - 0 is at position 1, 0-1 at position 2, 0-2 at position 3 and so on, where at last few positions we have Any Other Home Win at position 17, Any Other Away Win at position 18 and Any Other Draw at position 19

    • Football - Half time score markets are not the same as Correct score markets. At those markets 0 - 0 is at position 1, 1-1 is at position 2, 2 -2 is at position 3 etc.

    • Greyhound races - at Win markets trap 1 is always at position 1, trap 2 at position 2, trap 3 at position 3 etc.

    Selection condition "Bet type by RUNNER position" should always be used in combination with market condition "Markets filter" that will allow strategy only to execute at selected market type.

    For example, you set markets filter to allow betting at match odds markets and use bet type by runner position to set bet type for 1st runner by position. This would allow strategy to bet on home team (runner by position 1) at match odds markets. In this example, if you decided to select over/under 2.5 goals market at markets filter then strategy would bet on under 2.5 goals selection (runner by position 1). It is the combination of these two rules that identifies selection at which bets will be placed. You first use markets filter to identify market at which strategy will bet and then you use bet type by runner position to identify selection at which strategy will bet.

    If you are loading only markets of one market type to MARKETS grid view then in that case markets filter might not be needed, but to be on safe side it is always best that you add markets filter to ALL of your strategies

    It is important that you do not confuse "runner by position" with "favourite by position". Difference between those two is huge and could be disastrous if you would make such mistake. Make sure that if you set bet type by using runner position that you also check min/max price for same runner by position. If you set bet type by favourite position then you should also check min/max price for same favourite by position.

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