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    Delayed data

    Simulation mode is using Betfair delayed prices data and real mode is using live prices data. This functionality is used to protect live exchange servers from being overloaded by users that keep running bots in simulation mode without placing real bets. 

    Delayed data is typically delayed from 30 to 120 seconds, but in some cases this can be even more. Real data is not delayed and it always uses current prices.

    If you keep using simulation mode for long periods of time without placing real bets then it is possible for Betfair to restrict your account and force it to use delayed data all the time, even when you switch to real mode in software. In such cases bot will work with delayed data, and in real mode it will place bets by using delayed data. If Betfair restricted your account and you want to start placing real bets then you should contact their support, explain that you want to start placing real bets and ask them to remove restriction from your account.

    If you experience any issues with missing bets information within bot, but after few minutes information appears, then it is most likely that your account has restriction and that data is delayed. In which case you should contact Betfair and see if this restriction can be lifted.

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