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    Bet on favourites by position

    Setting your strategy to bet on favourite by position is done by adding "Selection conditions->Bet type by favourite position" rule. This rule is used to set Back or Lay bet type for favourite by position that you selected.

    If you want to place dutching bets (for target profit or set exposure) on two or more favourites by position then you need to add "Bet type by favorite position" rule for each favourite by position and set dutching staking plan at Staking tab. 

    You should not use any other bet type rule when  you want to bet on specific favourite by position. Adding other bet type rules would make your strategy bet on other selections as well. In most cases it is always best that you create separate strategy for each selection that you want to bet on.

    Favourite positions are determined by using market data that bot receives from exchange. Favourite positions can be decided by using one of following parameters:

    • Chance value (default) - that is calculated by using currently available runner Back and Lay price. We recommend that you do not change this value unless you are certain that you fully understand how strategies and rules work or unless we instruct you to do so in order to make strategy work like you want it to
    • Back price - runner with smallest Back price is first favourite and runner with highest Back price is outsider
    • Lay price - runner with smallest Lay price is first favourite and runner with highest Lay price is outsider 
    • Start price (BSP) - runner with smallest Betfair Start Price is first favourite and runner with highest Betfair Start Price price is outsider
    • Runner position - first favourite will be first runner in list of selections received from exchange. For example first runnerat match odds market is home team, second is away team and third is the draw. For greyhound markets first runner is trap 1, second one is trap 2 etc. For Under/over markets first runner is Under X goals selection and second runner is Over X goals selection.
    • Highest matched amount - first favourite is runner with highest amount matched and outsider is selection with lowest amount matched
    • Lowest matched amount - first favorute is runner with lowest amount matched and outsider is selection with highest amount matched

    The way favourite positions are determined will have effect on all conditions in your strategy that use favourite positions. 

    When betting during in play you might want to use favourite positions from before in play instead of determining those by using in play prices. In that case you would tick option "Use favourite positions from before in play". If you are not betting during in play and placing bets only before in play then make sure you do not tick this option, so that strategy can determine favourite positions at the time of bet before in play. 

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