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    Setting bet type for selections to bet on

    There are several ways to set your strategy to bet only on selections that you want. Here are most popular ones:

    Finding selections at which bets will be placed is done by using Selection conditions. At Selection conditions tab you need to set bet type (Back or Lay) only for selections at which you want your strategy to bet. 

    Bet type is usually set by using only one Selection condition that is designed for settings bet type and after that you use other rules to filter selections by price range, form, jockey, trainer, price movement, available amounts for betting etc.

    In almost any scenario you should always add following Selection conditions to your strategy:

    • Back/Lay Ratio - to ensure price is valid for selection at which bets will be placed
    • Min/max selection price - that will check "Any runner" or specific favorite/runner by position for price range. You should always set this to check same price that will be set for your bet by "Price settings->Price rules" rule
    • One bet type condition that will set Back or Lay bet type

    If you add those three rules properly then your strategy will bet only when price is valid and in your min/max price range. You can easily test this in simulation mode and once you are confident that it is working like you want it to then you can add other selection conditions that will filter your selections in more detail.

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