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    I lost my bets and results history

    Bets and results history is displayed at main BETS and RESULTS tabs.

    On bot start filter is added to those grid views so that it filters records by their placed date and start time, that is only records with placed date and start time that are after bot start are displayed in those grids. This is useful when you want to view only bets and results for current bot session. 

    Those filters can be edited or removed at bottom of those grids. 

    If you remove this filter then grid will display all bets and results that were collected by bot in last 30 days.

    By default, bot saves bets and results history only for 30 days.  You can change this to smaller period, but it is not possible to save history for longer period of time than 30 days. If you wish to keep longer history records then export your history to CSV file regularly and then merge it with your other history records in Excel, Open office etc.

    Once you have removed filter then history records should display. If there are no records displayed then history was not saved when you closed bot last time. This usually happens if bot is not closed properly, for example if there was a power failure, or you terminated bot process by using Task manager etc.

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