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    Bot shows different profit than actual profit for your account

    Bot displays profit/loss for each strategy it runs and it also displays overall profit/loss from all bets placed by bot. Those values only exist within bot and are calculated by bot by using only placed bets by bot. 

    There are several reasons why bot might show different overall profit than the actual profit for your account. Here are the most common causes to this:

    • you have not set commission options within bot properly, so bot has not taken off exchange commission from displayed profit values
    • on exit bot saves each strategy profit/loss and loads it when it starts next time. If you restart one strategy then only that strategy profit/loss will be set to zero and overall profit/loss will be updated. If you restart all strategies then all strategies and overall profit/loss will be set to zero. Your account profit/loss at will always display profit/loss for all bets, not profit/loss by bot strategy or for specific set of bets that were placed in bot session. Profit/loss values will be different as those reports use different sets of bets to calculate profit/loss
    • you used simulation mode that created some profit/loss and then switched to real mode without restarting your strategy. Simulated bets only exist within bot and have no effect on your real account balance, but if you do not restart your strategies when you switch from simulation to real mode then your profit/loss within bot will not be the same as your account profit/loss for the day
    • you had some other bets at your account that were not placed by bot in current bot session, so those are not included in bot profit/loss values but are included in your account profit/loss exchange report at exchange web site

    All placed bets by bot can always be checked at BETS history tab. Here you can filter bets by strategy, date range and many other parameters. This should help you find differences between bot bets history and your account bets history. Once you find differences in placed bets then you will know why profit/loss is different. 

    Commission is deducted from overall market profit, not from each bet individually, so at bets history you will see full profit that each bet made and total profit from those bets without Betfair commission being deducted. Only at MARKETS and STRATEGIES grid views overall market profit can be displayed with commission deducted.

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