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    Is bet size and profit adjusted for exchange commission?

    Each version of our software has options that allow you to set your Betfair/Betdaq/Matchbook commission rate, so that bet size and overall market profit get adjusted by this value. 

    This will give you more accurate results when recovering loss or when attempting to win target profit. Those settings are available at Tools&Settings->General settings form. 

    Bot can increase bet size so that you win target amount after commission is paid. It also has option to deduct commission from overall market profit.

    If your bot is set to work by staking plan or to recover loss then you should set your commission percentage and turn on both options, to increase bet size to cover Betfair commission and to deduce commission from overall market profit. 

    If you are manually trading or using level stakes to bet on your own selections then you might want to turn off option to increase bet size to cover commission, as in this case you probably want level stakes on your bets without any increase to cover commission. 

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