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    Load markets for imported tips

    Markets can also be automatically added to MARKETS grid view when you import your own betting tips or tips from third party service. To make this work imported tips must have column with Betfair market ID for which tip is. If this data is unavailable then bot will not be able to automatically load required market and you will need to manually load it to MARKETS grid view if you wish your strategy that is set to bet on imported tips to be able to bet on that tip.

    If you are importing tips from file that was created by Bf Bot Manager when exporting selections as tips then markets will be loaded automatically, as such file will contain market id.

    Also if you are importing tips that you received from some other user or tipping service that created that tips file by using Bf Bot Manager V3 then markets will be loaded automatically too.

    Imported tips from TippingSports web site will also allow bot to load markets automatically.

    Here is an example of tips file that was created by Bf Bot Manager V3 and imported to V3 by using "MANAGE TIPS" form. You can see that only two markets were loaded and those are markets whose market IDs were imported with tips data.

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