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    Auto load markets

    Bot is usually used when you want to execute your betting strategy 24/7 and in such cases you will want to set up rules for automatic loading of markets. That way when  new markets are available bot will load them and continue to bet on them without stopping. This allows bot to run for unlimited period of time without any intervention from user.

    Settings for automatic loading of markets are available at EVENTS&MARKETS menu. Here is an example that will auto load UK & Irish horse racing Win markets that will be available for betting during in play for next 1 day. By those settings bot will also try to reload those markets every 12 hours.

    Lets explain available settings one by one:

    • "Refresh" button will populate list box next to it by using currently set criteria at this form. If you set to load markets for next 1 day and click refresh next to market types list box then market types list box will ONLY list market types that are available within next 1 day and satisfy all other criteria that you have set at this form!
    • "Preview" button will load markets by using your set auto load settings to right side grid. This way you can check which markets will be loaded by using your settings without adding them to MARKETS grid view.
    • Settings name - this is where you set your name for this set of settings, this name will appear at previous form where all your auto load settings are listed
    • Auto reload markets every XX - this is used to reload markets every X minutes/hours and you should use this option if you want to keep bot running and loading new markets as they are made available at Betfair
    • Event - here you select sport for which you want to load markets
    • Market types - once you have selected "Event" then click "refresh" button at right side of this list box to get it populated with available market types for this event
    • Load markets for next X days - default is 1 (to load markets for next 24 hours), but if you want to load markets for more than next 1 day then change this to higher value. If you do not see any market types, competitions, venues or countries available in list boxes after you have clicked "refresh" button for them then change this to higher value, as it is possible that there are not any events within next X days for set criteria
    • BSP markets - this will allow loading of Betfair Start Price markets only
    • In play markets - in most cases you should NOT use this setting as it will ONLY allow loading of markets that are currently in play. It will prevent loading of markets that will go in play
    • Markets going in play - this will load markets that will be available for betting during in play, but are not currently in play
    • Competitions, venues and countries filters allow you to filter loaded markets in more detail and load only markets that satisfy those extra rules. Make sure you use "refresh" button to populate those list boxes

    For each set of settings you can set your own description or simply let bot generate description by using your set settings.

    At the end make sure you click "Save" button at this form and at previous form! Otherwise your settings might not be saved and used.

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