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    Load markets to MARKETS grid view

    All bot strategies try to execute when market prices are downloaded. Bot will monitor and get prices information only for markets that are loaded to MARKETS grid view, because of that it is important to load all markets whose information your strategy might need.

    If you do not load market to MARKETS grid view then bot will not be able to monitor it, get prices or bet on it.

    For example, your strategy might be set to bet on Match Odds market, but one of your strategy rules could be set to check Over/Under 2.5 Goals market price before placing bet. In this case you would need to load both markets, Match odds and Over/Under 2.5 Goals, to markets grid view. Similar situation is for horse races, where you want strategy to bet on Place market when horse is within certain price range at Win market, in this case you would need to auto load Win & Place markets to MARKETS grid view. 

    There are 4 ways to load markets to MARKETS grid view. You can load markets:

    1. by using quick load menu icons at EVENTS & MARKETS menu tab
    2. by setting rules for automatic loading of markets at "Auto load" settings form
    3. by using tree navigation to add markets manually one by one
    4. by loading betting tips from third party sites that contain market information like market ID numbers

    For loaded markets prices will be downloaded by settings set at Tools&Settings->Monitoring settings form. Initially on load prices might not be displayed for markets on screen, but when the time comes and event is about to start bot will start downloading prices by your monitoring settings.

    Loading of markets is first part in automating your strategy. Once you have loaded  markets at which you want to bet then you should also check Tools&Settings->Monitoring settings and make sure that markets will be monitored at time when your strategy is set to place bets. After that create your strategy and test it in simulation mode.

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