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    I have not received license key?

    All license keys are emailed immediately to your email address when your payment is processed or when you request free trial.


    If you made eCheque payment by PayPal then you will have to wait 3-5 working days for that payment to be processed by PayPal. As soon as PayPal processes your payment our system will email you license key automatically.


    If you have not received your license key then please check your junk/spam folder for email with license. Mark our emails as safe so that you receive them in future.


    When payment is made and processed then license key is emailed to your PayPal email address. Make sure you check your PayPal email address inbox for email with license key. Often users have different PayPal email address than the one they use every day.


    If email is not in junk/spam folder then try requesting another trial by using your email address. If you are not allowed to get another trial then that means that your first request to get trial was successful and that email was sent to your address. In this case you should contact us and we will send it again.


    Once you receive your license key you will need to enter it to software manually. Please use Copy & Paste to do that, that way you will avoid any typing mistakes.

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