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    What is minimum configuration to run the bot?

    Bf Bot Manager V3 software will work on almost all newer computers, that is computers produced since 2014. So generally you should be fine, but if you are running large number of strategies, placing many bets at same time or using some of extra features provided by third party then you should consider using VPS or dedicated server to run the bot.


    If you plan on running 50 or more strategies with single bot then you should consider splitting those strategies and running another bot instance on second computer. That will make bot faster and more reliable.


    Minimum configuration to run V3 version:

    Intel i3, i5 or i7 CPU

    2GB of RAM

    200MB of HD space to install bot and use it

    1280px screen resolution width

    20Mbps cable internet connection or faster


    Recommended configuration to run V3 version:

    Intel i5 or i7 CPU, the faster the better

    4GB of RAM

    400MB of HD space to install and run bot. If possible use SSD as your computer will work faster and it will not slow down bot in case you use it for something else and not just to run the bot

    1920px screen resolution width

    50Mbps cable internet connection

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