Estatísticas de futebol ao vivo

Written by Bf Bot Manager, 21st July 2016

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When betting on live football matches people usually watch match on TV and then as the game progresses they decide what bets to place. Number of shots on/off goal, woodwork hits, offside, corners and possession percentage are one of the main statistics that effect your decision on what type of bet to place. But how many matches can you watch at same time and bet on them? One, two or three maybe, but no more than that. This is where automated bot can help you.

Bf Bot Manager V3 can be set to use football in play statistics for all available matches at Betfair and to bet on those matches only when all your conditions are satisfied. This allows you to bet on all matches without actually watching the game.

Football in play statistics are provided by third party service called Inplaytrading, this means that subscription to their service is required. Subscription to their service is not included in Bf Bot Manager subscription.

To automate your football in play betting by using in play statistics you need:

  • Active subscription to Bf Bot Manager V3 software
  • Active subscription to Inplaytrading service
  • Create betting strategy in V3 that will bet by your own rules

Within Bf Bot Manager V3 you will find settings for in play statistics at Tools and Settings -> General settings -> In play statistics tab, like displayed on image below

Football - in play trading settings

Once you have started Bf Bot Manager V3 and set your Inplaytrading details, you can create new strategy and add conditions specific for in play betting.

At Market conditions you will find "Football - In play statistics data condition" that you can add to your strategy and allow strategy to bet only when this condition is satisfied. Of course, all other strategy conditions that you add also must be satisfied. You are allowed to add multiple instances of this condition to your strategy, which allows you to ensure several different statistics are satisfied.

Football - in play statistics condition

Here is list of all available data that can be used:

  • Goals
  • Total shots
  • Shots on target
  • Shots off target
  • Shots woodwork
  • Pressure index
  • Corners
  • Red cards
  • Yellow cards
  • Free kicks
  • Penalties
  • Posession
  • Attacks
  • Dangerous attacks
  • Fouls
  • Offsides
  • Goal kicks
  • Shots blocked
  • Throw ins

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