Multiple strategies bot

Multiple Strategies bot is available with V2 version. It allows you to set and run multiple betting strategies at same time. Strategies can also be exported and later imported if needed, this allows you to share your betting strategies with other users. Each strategy is set of conditions and rules which when satisfied result in bet placement or some other defined action.


    Some of the features supported by this bot:
  • Run multiple strategies at same time
  • Import and export strategies functionality
  • Reporting of failed conditions and explanation why bets are not being placed
  • Betting on favorites, runners by position or your own selections
  • Hedging rules
  • Standard market conditions e.g. overrounds, back/lay ration, min/max number of runners/prices etc.
  • Staking plans e.g. Fibonacci, D'Alembert, Level etc.
  • Filtering of markets by events, market types, names
  • Much more...
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